Week 2: Challenge after Challenge

Week 2 of what seems to be a very difficult semester just ended. I’ve already had to pass three modules (one lecture module and two lab module) and I’ve just received two more for next week. I have an exam for Epidemiology 2 next Thursday and I’ve yet to finish the second module they sent us. Thank God I’m done with the first one. To top them off, I have an essay due on Wednesday for my NatSci50 class with a minimum of 980 words and a maximum of 1000 on the relationship between Geology and my course. I’m currently in my third year of study for Physical Therapy. I don’t understand how I can link those two topics together, but I guess I can find some way to bullshit my way through it.

Oh yeah, I’m also experiencing low back pain and the symptoms of gastroenteritis (all except diarrhea, so hooray for small miracles). 

I’m supposed to be engaging in physical activity this weekend, being almost obese and hopelessly deconditiomed for the impending intramurals, but I can’t even seem to muster up enough strength to move out of my bed. Moving makes the pain even worse.

I hope next week would be better.


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