Broadway Musical Songs Ranked! (Based on personal preference)

So lately, I’ve been living in a musical theater bubble here in the Philippines, which is quite odd considering the lack of musical theater stuff here. I should be writing my sentence outline for my Comm2 paper (which should be completed in a few months from now, HAHAHAHA), but I can’t seem to bring myself out of my bubble long enough to write something that makes sense to other people. I’ve been living in this bubble for a while, a little over a year to be exact. It started kinda late, either during my last few years in elementary or the first year of high school, I can’t remember for sure. I watched Avenue Q when it showed in the RCBC plaza a few years back, and that was my introduction to musical theater. It really started, though, when I watched Wicked last summer in the Gershwin Theater in New York. And since I’ve only recently been really interested in musical theater, I haven’t listened to as many soundtracks as I wish I have. So if you think I should listen to something that should be included in my personal ranking, then tell me!

Just so you know, I’m more into the newer musicals, although I don’t have specific style of musical that I favor.


1. Defying Gravity


This was the song that started it all. Watching the amazing Willemijn Verkaik perform it on Broadway the first time I saw it and Jemma Rix perform it in Manila the second time I saw it somehow made it all click. It was at that moment I fell in love with musical theater. Listening to the Original Broadway Cast Recording with the amazing Idina Menzel never gets old. It’s my most played song on my iPod Touch being played more than 50 times. That doesn’t count the times I listen to it on Spotify and the times I watched people perform it in YouTube videos. It is simply… AMAZING. I can’t get enough of it.


– I’m going to keep adding to this when I have the time-


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